how to install your working proof doilies


ONE :: Choose your location. These vinyl stickers adhere best to flat surfaces with little or no texture.

Before positioning your doilies I recommend using a credit card [or small squeegee if you have one] to rub over the surface of the top paper covering the doily. This will help to ensure that the doily is stuck to the top paper, and that the backing paper will remove as easily as possible.


TWO :: With the decal intact place your doilies on your surface [wall, window, etc] and figure out your installation. Use low tack masking tape on 2 sides to hold the doilies in place. These can NOT be repositioned once they are stuck, so plan your design wisely. There are 2 ways to install them.


alternate placement idea

placement 2

THREE :: METHOD 1: while the doilies are still taped to the wall begin to peel away the back paper from the decal. Start at the top and work in small sections. It might be easier to lift one side off the wall a bit, but keep one side taped down so you don’t loose the positioning on the wall. As you remove the back paper press the decal to your surface [leaving the top paper intact]. Continue removing the back paper slowly and carefully [while pressing the decal onto the wall] until all the backing paper has been removed.

sorry - this photo didn't come out... too blurry....


THREE :: METHOD 2: after coming up with your ideal placement, use masking tape to mark the spot where you’d like to place your doily on the wall. Hold the decal or lay it flat on a table. Gently peel away the backing paper from the decal. If a section of the decal is sticking to the backing paper flip the decal over and rub that area over the top paper with stronger pressure using your credit card and try again. You can also use your fingers to gently nudge the decal onto the top paper [peeling apart slowly helps]. Once you have all the backing paper removed, carefully hold your doily over the spot you want it placed. Press the very top of the top paper/decal into position. With your hands gently and slowly smooth the top paper/doily onto the wall - take care to ensure there are no bubbles and the decal is flat to the wall.

all the backing paper is removed here and the doily is placed on the wall where i want it to live

FOUR :: Using a credit card [or small squeegee] smooth out the decal and ensure that it’s adhered to the wall. You can use a fair amount of pressure.

place and rub

FIVE :: Gently remove the top paper in small sections.


SIX :: If an area of the decal is not releasing from the top paper, push the paper back down and rub again with your credit card.


Continue with this step until you have removed all the top paper. yay! Your decal is stuck!


here the doilies are installed in my studio



installedinstalled detail


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