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books I've written and illustrated
From time to time I write and illustrate books. For a full list of books that my work and thoughts have been featured in, please visit my CV page and the catalogue/book section in particular. If you are interested in a signed copy of a book, I do keep a few extra of most titles in the studio. Please just reach out and ask. [[also if you use these amazon links I may receive a small commission]]
The Color Meditation Deck by lisa solomon
The Color Meditation Deck :: Roost Books
This deck is now available wherever you get your books ! An expansion of prompts for your #colormeditation practice . With 52 cards that give you a shape to explore and 10 parameter cards to help you figure out what to do with that shape, there are over 500 meditations you can explore. My intent was to use the deck like Tarot Cards to help guide you.   Learn more about it Shambala's site [Roost's parent company] or on Amazon.
A field guide to color book by lisa solomon
A Field Guide to Color :: Roost Books
Published in 2019, this watercolor workbook is my ode to color and introduced the world to my #colormeditation practice . With real world color theory tips and thick enough paper to experiment in the book, this book is my baby and I'm so very proud of it.  Learn more about it on Roost Book's site. Find it locally on Indie Bound or on Amazon.
Crayola a visual biography by lisa solomon
Crayola: A Visual Biography :: Black Dog and Leventhal
Published in 2021, I was asked to write a visual biography on the history of crayola crayons. I talked to many crayolians [people who work there] and had a great time annotating all 120 colors of crayon. There are some really fun facts in the book as well as feaetures on some artists utilizing crayons in their work. Learn more on BDL's site. Find it locally on Indie Bound or on Amazon.
the keepsake project by lisa solomon
The Keepsake Project
In 2015 I was a resident at Irving Street Projects in San Francisco where I documented people's keepsakes - things that were meaningful to them. Each item was photographed, a tag was created with the story of the object, and then I rendered the object thinking of the story behind it. There's an essay by Kelly Inouye about the project too. The catalouge is available here.
hand/made book about lisa solomon's art
Hand/Made :: MIEL books

A monograph of my work published by an independant European publisher - MIEL, this books chronicles my work on migration and doily toxins. I have some copies availble for purchase. $30. [tax will be collected for Calif. residents]. Priority shipping is $8.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi
I fell in love with this documentary. I made a zine based one it. With all the different sushi from all 3 movements.
Draw 500 Everyday things
A sketcbhook companion to 20 ways to Draw a Chair and published by Quarry books in 2016, this cute book was meant to be carried around and used as a sketchbook. There are copies available from booksellers on Amazon.
20 Ways to Draw a Chair
An inspirational sketchbook - NOT AN ACTUAL INSTRUCTION on how to draw chairs, I illustrated over 900 items from chairs, to barware to fans. Published by Quarry books in 2016 there are some copies available from booksellers on Amazon.
Knot Thread Stitch
This was the first book I ever wrote, published in 2012 by Quarry books. Rooted in the idea that embroidery could be a beautiful way to mix media in your art/craft, I invited artist friends to contribute patterns and ideas. There are some copies available from booksellers on Amazon.