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:: Teaching

If you would like to discuss my doing a workshop- in person or via zoom, for you or your org, please reach out.

I am an Instructor on CreativeBug.

:: upcoming
Fall 2021 - Beginning Drawing and Foundations in Painting - San Francisco State University
April 2022 - Camp Thundercraft
August 2022 - Madline Island School for the Arts

:: current

: recent
Intro into Contemporary Sculpture and Digital Art - San Francisco State University
many many online courses -
June 2021- Watercolor/Color Medication Class with Old Navy/Gap
May 2021 - Color Meditations with Scrap SF
May 2021- Color Meditations with Home Chef via Scrap SF and
May, 2021 -Color Meditations with
May 2021- Sashiko Mending at the Bedford Gallery
April 2021, Color Mediations with Google via Scrap SF/

:: past
list HERE!

if you'd like to see a sampling of student work, please click here