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about the Braille/Crayola pieces

:: Braille / Crayola ::

This is a set of 16 Crayola color names with threads that match their namesakes represented in braille. When i was a child, my mother transcribed braille as a part time job. Ialways felt that it was like a secret language and loved looking at the pages of raised dots. I'm interested in how we perceive color and fascinated with the idea of "reading" color without sight and thus i decided to create these. I was also intrigued by a tidbit i heard on NPR that kids are now able to name colors more eclectically since Crayola crayons have been in use. a bit tongue in cheek - if you can see, you can visualize the color, if you can read braille you get to know the name of the color. I did 16 colors that I loved the names of - 16 because it's one of the most common size box of crayons.