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about Chroma

:: Chroma ::

CHROMA is the result of a long distance collaboration between Lisa Solomon and Christine Buckton Tillman that explores color theory via objects from everyday life expressed through installation, drawings, and sculpture. They have made new work just for this exhibition consisting of collaborative drawings and a large scale crowd sourced installation made of objects sent from all over the United States [and elsewhere], constructed of various forms of "junk" – arbitrary and otherwise disposable items – that read as one color. The installation will be a culmination of sorting, arranging and compiling the materials into an orderly, chromatically compelling piece, with the intent of elevating the viewer's relationship with the mundane debris that we interact with on a daily basis.

To learn even more about this exhibition please visit :

The Chroma Installation Tumblr




Bmore Art blog where Christine and I were interviewed about this project.

Also : THANK YOU to everyone who sent things and to everyone who helped install and de-install this piece. It took a village to get this all together and we are super grateful.

Project Details

Client: Wharf DC

Client: PWC, San Francisco

Client: Private Collector, Baltimore MD

Christine and I have been approached to do several versions of Chroma, large and small for public and private collections in addtion to the gallery exhbitions.   
In 2021 a wallpaper version was installed at PWC office in San Francisco. [2nd image]