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about Deforestation :: Doily Trees

:: Deforestation ::

Much of the work here was for an exhibition entitled "where have all the trees gone". Inspired by NASA satalite photos of Tierras Bajas in Bolivia- an area that has been severly deforrested. It struck me immediately as a terribly traumatic, but also incredibly beautiful imagery. The strange areas of haphazard clearing instantly also reminded me of doilies ā€“ in shape and texture. I decided I wanted to develop a body of work centered on deforestation.  In all my work Iā€™m consistently drawn to ideas and imagery that collide in someway ā€“ how can I make the ugly beautiful, or rescue, mend, or empathize with a situation using domestic arts? Sometimes I'm also just interested in depicting the beauty of nature/natural through my own vocabulary. I attemped to navigate this subject through different media, painting, sculpural aspects including doilies, the idea of tree rings [dendochronology] and small felt quilts.