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about Knot Installations

Project Details

Client: Meta

Location: Fremont Campus

Date Installed: 2022

This knot installtion was commissioned by Meta. It's the first time I tried 2 colors in a diaganol ombré pattern
1332 knots installed over a 2 week period with 2 helpers !

Project Details

Client: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Location: Redwood City, CA

Date Installed: 2020

This knot installtion entitled HINABI [fireworks in Japanese] was commissioned by CZI. Filling 5 floors of a stairwell, the fireworks were in 4 sizes and were installed in ROYGBV order. They meandered up the flights of stairs, with the first floor visible from the street.
The way the knots interacted with the changing light of the day was an unexpected bonus.