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Color Meditation Deck :: Now Available ~
A follow up to A Field Guide to Color, the Color Meditation Deck offers over 500 prompts for folks to explore creating their own color meditations.
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SOLO Exhibition at Walter Maciel Gallery
entitled "But Where Are you From From?" is the work I've been creating over the pandemic. All about my identity and this very question I've been asked my whole life I've made 21 self portraits outfitted in places people have assumed or asked if I've from (above is Mexico) and 5 life size color portraits in the clothing of my actual ethnic heritage. Nov 5 - Dec 23 2022
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French Knot Installations
I have been continually making installations based on my Senninbari piece for both private and institutional collections.
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lisa solomon


is an oakland, california based mixed media artist, author, educator, and occasional curator

who has been teaching [at Bay Area Colleges and classes around the world] for almost 20 years. As a Hapa she continually explores ideas, spaces and materials that are in-between. A self declared color geek, she is profoundly interested in bridging the gaps between being creative, living creatively, creating community, and making a living as a creative.
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the latest news + exhibitions  

A Beautiful Mess / Senninbari travelling around the country
A Beautiful Mess
Beginning in Feb. 2021 at the Bedford Gallery and travelling through 2024 - the next Venue is Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama from July 24 – October 16, 2022 please see the group exhibition portion of my CV for upcoming and past venues
what is color meditation
What is Color Meditation ?
Spirituality & Health Magazine asked me to write a short piece on the genesis of #ColorMeditation . If you haven't heard the story before - check it out !
Then as Now Woodland Pattern 1980-2022 exhibition
Then as Now: Woodland Pattern 1980-2022
An anniversary show of artists that have worked with the Milwakee Institute of Art & Design up from October 10 - December 3, 2022
Future Patchwork at Walter Maciel Gallery
Future Patchwork
Curated by Annie Seaton and featuring Carolyn Castano, Lavialle Campbell, Sonja Schnek, Brendan Lott, Ray Beldner, Robb Putnam, Jason Jenn, Vojislav Radovanovic, and Cynthia Innis, this exhibition was on view at Walter Maciel Gallery from July 9 - August 19, 2022.
the chroma chronicles at SJMQT
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
My Chromachronicle quilt - which I worked on while the Artist In Residence and where I gathered stories that related to color was on view until September 25, 2022 at SJMQT.
the people's WPA
The WPA is alive and well
The amazing Jackie Sumell of Solitary Gardens asked me to create a poster for her prisoner's apothecary project that won WPA support. This was such an honor and thrill. You can see/download and read all about the USDAC's continuing support of artists and social justice projects HERE.
camp thundercraft
Keynote at Camp Thundercraft
For the first time in 2+ years I was out IN PUBLIC. I gave the keynote speech for Urban Craft Uprising's lovely spring event. (I also taught a watercolor/color meditation class)

Artists take action
Artists Take Action
Since 2016 I have been curating and organizing small art and good auctions on instagram that raise money for people and organizations doing good in the world - from the ACLU, to World Central Kitchen, to food banks, COVID relief, the San Jose Sewing Academy and beyond, it is our hope that these small stones will make larger ripples.